Grand History Tour

Sightseeing, what could be so special? Apart from the fact that Vila Real de Santo António really has many stories to tell, this tour, like many others, lives from the person who guides you through the city. Our Door Man Luis Pinhão is an old-established local who knows the city like the back of his hand. The perfect storyteller: Authentic, friendly and knowledgeable.

In 1773, the Marquis of Pombal decided to rebuild the then village, which was almost completely destroyed by a tsunami, using the latest construction techniques. Designed in a Pombaline orthogonal grid, it was set to become the most modern city in the country and the flourishing economic center of the Algarve in the 18th century. The town’s wealth was generated from the fishing and salt trades. Even today, the shallow, shimmering tidal pools of the salt pans carry on their quiet work just outside the town. The façades of the houses repeat the balanced forms of a sober and restrained architectural style: expressions of the 18th century Enlightenment of which Vila Real de Santo António is a perfect example.

Let us take you on a journey by learning more about this royal city, its origins, and even some insider secrets! You will feel like a local in no time, walking through its beautiful cobbled streets and listening to some historical curiosities while learning more about Portuguese culture and tasting some regional treats!

Beach Horse Riding

This tour is ideal for romantic guests who would love to visit beautiful beaches and add some romance to their stay. You will take the most incredible photos and make precious memories while riding along an unspoiled sandy beach. Then, trot back to the farm along the scenic orange tree trails, all while learning more about these incredible creatures.

Air Voyage

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful Algarve landscape and fly aboard a gyrocopter —feel the unique thrill of a memorable and safe flight. Watch the region from above and let your spirit be free…

During the flight, you can discover three breathtaking protected areas: the Salt Marsh Reserve of Castro Marim and VRSA; the National Forests of Monte Gordo and Santa Rita, and the inexplicably beautiful Ria Formosa in its wildest form, between Cacela Velha and the fishing villages of Santa Luzia and Fuseta. Making the most of the Algarve’s stunning natural heritage, this is an adventure that allows a privileged perspective of the forts and castles that once protected the coast, as well as of the old anchors of the tuna fishing frames which are lined across the beach dunes.

Astro Tourism

During the day we invite you to explore the region, discover the shades of blue of the river, sea and sky, taste new flavours and meet new people. However, by night we invite you simply to look up!

One of the main advantages of staying in a remote location is being near places where the sky is at its darkest and clearest state, free from light-polluted tourist hubs or urban areas, which allows star gazersto be amazed by how beautiful this nocturnal backdrop can be!

Border Crossing

You most likely travel by plane, car or even train, but have you ever imagined crossing an international border by zip line while flying over a river? Well, the time has come…

It`s a 30min car trip till Alcoutim where you will be brought by boat to the Spanish boarder. Here a jeep awaits you that brings you up the mountain before you jump….

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